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Mechanical construction

We are a Mechanical Contracting Company with over 40 years of experience providing General Contracting, Piping installation, Fabrication, Structural Steel and Millwright services for many industries such as the ethanol and biofuels industries and other businesses in the Midwest along with other areas of the United States.


Our number 1 goal is to provide excellent service and innovate the construction industry


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Skilled, professional workforce

Our workforce is among the most skilled and professional workers in their field. If you are interested in joining their ranks, career opportunities are available.


We believe in safety, quality, and efficiency.

Innovating the construction industry with safety, quality service, and efficiency.




Founded in 2004

DeWine Mechanical was founded by our president Theron DeWine in 2004, a year later our Treasurer, Gerald Carkoski, was brought on board and DeWine Mechanical Inc was formed.

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