DeWine Mechanical, Inc., Contractors-General/New Construction, Columbus, NE

DeWine Mechanical, Inc. is a mechanical piping company providing quality construction services to business and industry.  Our specialty is in the ethanol/biofuels industry, although we do provide piping services to other businesses as well. Whether it is an expansion or a new-build, we provide our customers with a complete piping package, along with steel fabrication and erection, millwright and equipment-setting services.  We carry an (R) (U) & (S) stamp and our shop can handle all your fabrication needs.

ISN Contractor Safety Management DeWine Mechanical, Inc. values its highly skilled workforce. We strive to maintain the highest standards of safety and training for our employees. DeWine's safety record is reflected in its EMR of .87 and attests to its commitment to safety. Emphasis on safety shows not only our commitment to maintaining a safe and qualified workforce, but it demonstrates our commitment to completing your project in a timely and efficient manner.

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